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Get your ideas to life with Softamos services for Startups. In-depth immersion into the project to deliver the best possible solution.


Software / Apps Development Services for Startups

Typically about 6 different roles are required to develop an MVP working simultaneously part-time and full-time on different stages of the project. Establishing such in-house team of developers and experts on early stage of the project is costly and inefficient because of part time involvement and short project duration. Working with Itexus you will be able to pause and resume development without losing the key knowledge keepers.

Expert Peoples
Capitalize on low hanging fruit to identify a ballpark value added activity.
Business Growth
Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure domination.

6 Steps From an Idea to the Product

A Business Analyst from Softamos side analyses the initial input and conducts a series of requirements workshops with the client to create high-level product requirements documentation and a detailed product feature tree for estimation
UI/UX Designer creates a navigation map of the future system and mockups of the key screens with the help of the special prototyping software. The mockups can be united into a clickable prototype
Software Architect recommends the best technology stack, architecture and third party components required to build the system addressing performance, security and scalability requirements. Creates detailed feature by feature workload and cost estimate
Graphical designer converts UX mockups into beautifully designed, easy to use interfaces on screen by screen level addressing usability and creating all necessary icons, illustrations and animations for stunning user experience
Given the feature by feature estimates sorted by cost/value ratio the client with the support of the team defines the scope of the Minimum Viable Product for the available budget.
Development team starts programming the product starting from the most important features. Product increments are delivered every two weeks and demonstrated to the client, client’s feedback is incorporated early. Every feature is thoroughly tested. Project manager controls priorities, scope, budget and deadlines

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