Softamos Fintech Development Company

Our Cooperation Models

Choose the engagement model that best fits your company’s needs, project size, and level of involvement in the development process.

Agile with Budget Control (Recommended)

Softamos has developed a unique and effective cooperation approach that is well suited for remote development and receiving transparent and fair billing as well as a high-quality software solution throughout the years in the software development sector. This paradigm combines the advantages of modern agile software development processes with strong project management, a strict budget, risks, scope, and quality control. This one-of-a-kind engagement paradigm has only advantages.


  • Initial high-level scope, estimate, and budget are defined
  • The software product is delivered in two-week sprints, with a demonstration of new features at the end of every sprint.
  • The client reviews the delivered product, provides the feedback. It’s possible to change or renew the requirements if new ideas come up to the mind.
  • Skilled project manager controls project scope, risks and budget. Suggests scope corrections or simplifications to cut costs. Recommends the scenarios of risks mitigation. Reports the costs and performance on the weekly basis.
  • Project manager conduct all the resources, including additional on-demand specialists choosing those who are best qualified for the specific task to maximize the efficiency.
  • Only efficient hours within the agreed estimates are billed. Inefficient work is not billed. Risks are not included in the price.


  • Agile Flexibility. Frequent deliveries and demos of the product allow the client to change the requirements, incorporate new ideas or pivot at any time.
  • Full Collaboration between the client and the team — creativity, proactive exchange of ideas, brainstorming. The team is focused on how to create the best possible product for the available budget.
  • Maximum Cost Efficiency. We provide the best resources for a specific task. Only efficient hours within the provided estimates are billed. Outages and inefficient work are not billed.
  • Strict Budget Control. Despite the ability to change the requirements the client always knows what he is going to get for his money and the remaining cost of the final product and how each change of the requirements will affect that.
  • Transparency and Pay as You Go. The progress and costs are demonstrated and reported on a weekly basis. The client pays only for what he has reviewed and approved.
  • Documentation. The detailed project documentation is created to mitigate the risks of losing the key knowledge keepers, to minimize communication and organize the efficient remote development.

Outstaffing / Development Team as a Service

The client can just hire remote engineers with or without a project manager and remotely integrate them into his in-house development team or manage the team directly on a day-to-day basis. In this case, the client dictates the development process, he makes all final decisions and assumes responsibility for the ultimate success of the project just using resources from Softamos. Works reasonably well for the clients who already have their in-house development teams, the CTO or a strong project manager and just need extra engineering resources.